About us

Since the early 90s we have been passionate about combining design with communication and training. This can be clearly seen in the company name: I – Informieren (Inform), K – Kommunizieren (Communicate), W – Weiterbilden (Train). Our conviction is the team. Whether internally or together with you – the development of creative and goal-oriented solutions is the result of teamwork. Your goals and our ideas lead to a variety of challenging projects. A diversity that fires us up for our work every day and guarantees you high-quality and convincing results from a broad services spectrum. We are your team!

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Our work is characterised by passion and commitment. Not only in our client projects. On this page you can find a selection of our own heartfelt projects.

IKW team HistogramArt – get creative!
Data & technology become art: The posters


Don’t worry, unless you are a passionate photographer or like to post-process your photos professionally, you don’t need to know anything about histograms. In an elevator pitch, they would probably be described like this:

A histogram represents the distribution of pixels (image points) in an image from dark (far left) to light (far right). The trained eye can thus see whether an image has sufficient detail to be processed further. In addition, one can see the distribution for individual colour channels (here: CMYK). We used this representation as a basis for our HistogramArt. The result is a total of nine HistogramArt posters.

The roles of the IKW teamHistrogram_Art_Creation
  • HistogramArt_picture_1
  • HistogramArt_picture_2
  • HistogramArt_picture_3
  • HistogramArt_picture_4
  • HistogramArt_picture_5
  • HistogramArt_picture_6
  • HistogramArt_picture_7
  • HistogramArt_picture_8
  • HistogramArt_picture_9

Do you think it sounds complicated?

We make it simple!

Rollengrafik IKW team

The answer to the question of what exactly we do is complex as you can see in this infographic on the different roles we undertake when working on your projects.

Did you know …?

View over Munich

Munich is not only our headquarters, but also our natural or adopted home. Come with us on a virtual tour of “our city”. We bet that even as a “local” you’ll learn something!

eLearning Munich
Picture of a drawn treasure map

Join us on a treasure hunt that flows around the theme of “water”. This project was created in 2021 as part of a fundraising campaign.

eLearning Water

IKW team as hosts and volunteers at the “Münchner Tafel” (Munich food bank)

The “Münchner Tafel” is an independent association pursuing the social aim of giving free food every week to thousands of Munich residents in need, their so-called guests. In 2019, the IKW team supported the Münchner Tafel as host with a financial donation. In addition, the team members were also able to get personally involved: Those who wanted to were released to help hand out the food. Here you can find a few impressions.

A swarm of bees was omnipresent during my day at the “Tafel”. No wonder, given the wide variety of perfectly ripe fruits.


When – far too late – the van finally turned around the corner, I had even forgotten about the rain. Now, everything needs to happen quickly! I only became aware of how exhaustive this day of work was when I felt my sore muscles afterwards. On site I had been in a flow state.


The work was so intense that I had only noticed my sunburn when I arrived at home.


I was very impressed by the creativity and enthusiasm of some guests. The idea of making a mushroom sauce from the excess of mushrooms to avoid wastefulness was great.


During my work at the Tafel, the feeling of togetherness was strengthened within me. One coud sense the solidarity and kindness of all helpers. That is what makes work fun and time flies.


An old man has impressed me most. He only took products which either nobody else wanted or which were still available in large quantities. I wanted to know why. His explanation was: “I still have some money left over, I can also buy some food this month. Those who have no money should get more.


The logistical effort that is involved is overwhelming.