Project Description

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The IKW team is an external extension of the design team: designing marketing materials such as data sheets and trade fair walls

Our client
ADVA Optical Networking SE

Data sheets, booth graphics etc.

Our services
Design, layout, illustration, consulting, absentee representation

The challenge

  • External reinforcement of the internal design team
  • Adoption of established processes (the editorial team can adapt texts themselves and the design team takes care of visuals)
  • Suitable collaboration tool (seamless co-operation)
  • One face to the customer: the design team acts as a single point of contact with the editorial team
  • The editorial team consists of two teams on the client side (event & collateral) – sensible separation of communication and projects
  • International co-operation
  • Handling of special cases

Our solution

  • Close, collaborative partnership
  • Cloud-based collaboration with Adobe Cloud which enables the established InCopy-InDesign workflow to be maintained
  • The design team uses a separate email address for each of the two editorial teams as a single point of contact
  • Clear distribution of responsibilities within the design team
  • Regular calls to the design team (updates, questions, project forecast, special cases)
  • Within the IKW team:
    • High flexibility (everyone can work on projects at any time)
    • Shared know-how
    • Regular updates on ongoing projects
    • Quick workarounds are possible