Project Description

Code of Conduct_Cover

Allianz Code of Conduct

Our client
Allianz SE and various international Allianz companies

Interactive PDFs, print versions

Our services
Consulting, design concept, didactics, layout, interactivity

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The challenge

  • New interactive edition of the Code of Conduct
  • Individual visual appearance requested
  • Publication in various languages with different writing systems (e.g. Latin, Thai, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek)
  • Balance between standardisation across global borders and individualisation according to local wishes
  • Display of interactive elements such as pop-ups and mouseovers in the print version

Our solution

  • Development of a design that is recognisable as an Allianz corporate design and yet independent
  • Positive user experience and motivation by means of activation elements and various information levels (didactics)
  • Flexible, easily adaptable design for the print version and different languages
  • Optimisation for different devices (desktop and mobile version)
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