Project Description

Training-needs analysis

Catalogues for training needs analysis

Our client
Allianz Versicherungs-AG

Interactive PDFs, print versions

Our services
Design concept, didactics, layout, interactivity, linguistic revision (gendering)

The challenge

The catalogues form part of a tool for surveying the annual training needs of employees in order to be able to further develop the training offers on a needs-oriented basis and to set concrete measures for employees

  • The survey is to be conducted online and in paper and pencil form
  • A total of 7 sectors with individual as well as overlapping training offers
  • Each has two target groups: employees and managers
  • Detailed information section and summary

Our solution

  • Customised interactivity solution, easily adaptable for print version
  • Didactic support in determining training needs
  • Outsourcing of general parts for faster implementation and less testing effort on the client side
  • Automatically generated summary of individual user content