Project Description

Seminar catalogue_Cover

Seminar Catalogue

Our client
Allianz SE, SE Academy

Brochures, flyers, posters, eCards, films, advertising material

Our services
Design concept, interactivity, layout, illustration, image editing and retouching

The challenge

  • Creation of an annual seminar catalogue (print and online solution)
  • Creative support for training marketing from posters to films
  • Integration of content into the intranet, enabling interactivity
  • Anniversary brochure with a special content and look
  • Successively changing corporate design guidelines
  • Established key visual no longer fits the new corporate design

Our solution

  • Custom interactivity solutions: prebooking function and dialogue offers
  • Gradual reduction of the key visual for a more modern look while maintaining a high level of recognisability
  • Special image collages for anniversary brochure

Our awards:

FOX Award 2016 in Gold:

Online seminar brochure including postal mailing to department heads.
“Extra marks are awarded for the clear schedule integrated into the mailing, which supports managers in performance appraisals with employees during the year.” (translated; original quote in German)

FOX Award 2015 in Gold at national and international levels as well as the FOX Visuals in Silver:

Our efficient linking of the print and online versions of a training and anniversary brochure was awarded for being a communication concept with above-average efficiency performance.
“The jury awards extra marks for the concept of this form of training marketing […]. According to the jurors this creates an open training culture that would suit any company” (translated; original quote in German)